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Welcome to! Here are just a few things to keep in mind which will help make your experience most enjoyable.


Q     Is Las Colinas a public golf club?

A     Yes; I teach everyone (adults, young adults and juniors) beginner to advanced by appointment. 

Q     Where is Las Colinas Golf Club located?

A     The Las Colinas Golf Club is located in Queen Creek, Arizona. I teach there during the fall, winter            and spring months. 

Q     Can I schedule a golf lesson at Apache Creek Golf Club, Arizona?

A     If you are a member of Alta Mesa Golf Club, Yes! For all others my primary teaching location is                Las Colinas Golf Club Queen Creek, Arizona.

Q     Is Sidney G&CC a private club?

A     Yes; I teach Members and guests along with non-members by appointment.

Q     Where is Sidney G&CC located?

A     The Sidney G&CC is located in upstate New York. I teach there during the summer months.

Q     Do these golf clubs observe a dress code?

A     Yes, please be advised of the following...

        Gentlemen & Young Adults

        Acceptable golf attire includes collared shirts tucked into slacks or Bermuda length walking                    shorts and proper footwear.  


        Acceptable golf attire for women include slakes, bermuda length golf shorts or skirts, golf shirt or          blouse and proper footwear.  


        Collared shirts. Hats must be warn forward. 

        Unacceptable Attire:

        At no time are the following items of attire acceptable anywhere within these facilities - tee shirts,          workout or jogging clothing, tank tops, short shorts/skirts or clothing carrying commercial or                  inappropriate messages. 

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