• Jason Barrett, PGA

Aiming Your Club Head

Lets make sure your club head is aimed correctly not only at address but also at the top of your back swing! Here's what I mean...

If your club shaft parallels your target line at the top of your back swing, the club is ideally "aimed" to swing back through the ball along the target line.

For a right handed player:

- If your shaft is angled left of the target line on top, there will be a tendency to swing the club head across the line (from out to in) and either slice or pull the shot.

- Conversely, if the shaft is angled right of the target line at the top, there will be a tendency to swing the club head (from in to out) across the target line and either hook or push the shot.

By paying close attention to how you align your club "in your swing" you will set yourself up for success, have more control over your golf shots and shoot lower scores!

If you would like to schedule a golf lesson with Jason Barrett, PGA Teaching Golf Professional at the Las Colinas Golf Club in Queen Creek, Arizona visit: or call: 480-401-2449.

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