• Jason Barrett, PGA

Ball Position

Knowing where in your stance to play the ball for a particular shot can be confusing. Here is a simple consistent way to approach every shot...

Start out by thinking small swing equals narrower stance, a wider stance provides support for a longer swing. Now approach the ball like this: (right handed player)

(1) Align your club face to the target (this is most important).

(2) Keep the clubs shaft neutral or "in-line" with the ball

(3) Begin taking your stance by positioning your left heal 1 1/2 to 2 inches ahead of the ball

(4) Use your right leg as a regulator for the width of your stance according to the length of your swing.

(5) Align your body parts (shoulders, forearms, knees and feet) parallel to your target line for a straight shot.

Note: As you widen your stance you will notice your body will move further behind the ball. With a wedge feel like your nose is over the ball. With a full iron swing your left ear will be over the ball and with a fairway wood or driver the ball should be positioned near your left arm pit. As you do this feel like your weight is evenly distributed between your legs.

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