• Jason Barrett, PGA

Every Great Golf Swing Has A Beginning!

A good set-up starts it all! Here are a few things to keep in mind...

Posture: Good posture is important for a repeatable golf swing! Be sure to stay athletic. Do this by tilting at the waist (in proportion with the club your holding) flex your knees. Notice how my arms are "on top of my chest" this creates freedom for your swing.

Align your body parts: Shoulders, forearms, knees and feet should be relatively parallel to your target line.

Balance your weight: Feel your weight evenly distributed between both your feet. Stay athletic by keeping your weight on the balls of your feet (under your shoe laces).

Stand correct distance from the ball: This is important! A simple way to check this is to let your trail arm come off the club and dangle, after doing this both arms should align with one another.

Now your body is ready to respond! By implementing and practicing these important keys you will train your body to be in positions that promote consistency which will lead to better golf!

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