• Jason Barrett, PGA

Fix Your Slice Now!

A sliced golf shot affects over 70% of all golfers! For the right handed player this shot starts left and curves to the right at the end of its flight.

Here's the cause:

At impact the club face is open to the swing line.

How to fix it:

(1) Make sure you have a good grip! This means you must have a grip which returns the club face square to the line of your swing at impact.

(2) At address: Keep your right shoulder low and back.

(3) Takeaway: Turn away from the ball

(4) Downswing: Swing your arms down and in front of your body while swinging out to the right.

(5) Follow through with your right forearm above a bent left arm.

Fear not! There is hope in over coming your slice and it can be done in 5 minute when you understand what to do.

For more help with your golf related ailments contact Jason Barrett, PGA Teaching Golf Professional (Las Colinas Golf Club, Arizona). Or to schedule a golf lesson visit:

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