• Jason Barrett, PGA

Improve your putting in three easy steps!

Good putters are made!

There are 3 main components to becoming a great putter:

1 – Make sure the putter face points at your target

2 - Solidness of contact (is very important)

Common mistakes: If the clubface is open at impact you will hit toward the toe of the club resulting in putts which roll right of the target. If the clubface is closed at impact you will tend to hit off the heal of the putter. Both misses will cause you to come up short of the hole. Instead of blaming the slowness of the greens or hitting ball harder try instead to improve your "solidness of hit"

Fix: Use your shoulders and arms to make the stroke. Avoid unnecessary movements in the knees or legs. Let the length of your stroke back and through be about the same distance.

3- Path fairly straight back and through

Try to keep the length of your back and forward stroke the same length and pace.

Keep these three key things in mind and your putting will begin to improve. Best of all you will make more putts!

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