• Jason Barrett, PGA

Tips to successfully play from a sand bunker

Bunker play can seem intimidating for many players who don't know the basic fundamentals for getting out. Fear not! If you follow these tips you will become more comfortable in your escape from the sand!

Green-side Bunker Shots


  • Your stance should be wide

  • Align your body square to slightly open to your target

  • Weight slightly on forward foot

  • Open the club-face then place your top hand on the club in a "weak" position (see one knuckle) with the thumb pointing down the grip

The Stroke

  • Swing with a full, unhurried tempo; use an upward very steep back-swing, cock the wrists upward early and fully

  • Hit the sand 2-3 inches behind the ball. Your lower hand throws the club head into the sand under the ball

  • Swing towards the target and splash the sand in that direction

  • Vary the distance you want the ball to travel with the length of the follow through

Stop being afraid of the sand. You can get out every-time!

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