25 Years of Teaching Golf


"Develop sound fundamentals, then trust your swing."


Hello! I’m Jason

For over 25 years my passion has been teaching golfers of all age and experiance levels how to play their best. I leverage the talents of each student and communicate using methods individualized for each person. Simply said... simple and consise that's the way I coach!

Improvement should be FUN!

I'll teach students how to hit a variety of golf shots which lower scores! When it comes to the swing, I begin with grip and alignment then look at path and face, how the club decends, finishing with how to generate you're maximum club-head speed. Finally, I like to see good posture, a stable lower body and proper impact through the hitting area. Learning these key fundamentals will help you play your best!


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Jason is mentoring under Butch Harmon (#1 ranked golf teacher in the world)

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Work Experience

Mountain Brook Golf Club / Alta Mesa Golf Club
2022 to present
Las Colinas Golf Club
2019 to 2022
Alta Mesa Golf Club
West Hills Country Club
Willie Carter Golf Center / Town of Wallkill Golf Club





"Jason has an amazing way of teaching golf skills and fundamentals through wonderful analogies which have helped our son understand concepts and put them into action. Lessons have not only been fun but extremely impactful and we noticed an immediate improvement in his game. He looks forward to every lesson and always comes away with something to think about and apply. Jason sets high expectations while providing the support and positive feedback needed to instill confidence. Lessons with Jason have been a game changer for our son."

Brett & Holly
Queen Creek, Arizona

"I came to Jason with absolutely no knowledge of the game. His patience and encouragement not to mention his incredible tips on how to improve and continue to improve were invaluable. Not only is he a skilled golfer he is an incredible teacher! I would wholeheartedly recommend Jason time and time again!!!"

Christine Saxe
Albany, New York

I recently took a golf lesson from Jason Barrett. I found him to be very knowledgeable, understanding and patient with my questions. As a student of the game, he continues his quest for more knowledge and skill development with his own game. A true professional.

Roxey Birdsall
Sidney, New York

"Early in 2019 my scores had climbed to a level I had not seen in a long time and I was not enjoying the game as much. After I started working with Jason, my confidence (and game) has come back and golf is fun again. It was not an overnight success, but practice and frequent sessions with him helped reinforce our vision - before, during and after impact. He has helped me return to my happy (and lower scoring) golf days by re-focusing on the ‘basics’. He also has a great set of eyes that can immediately spot the slightest adjustment that is needed – great for the quick fix. Jason speaks to me in a golfer’s language I can understand, and now I can visualize my swing the way it should and shouldn’t be - and often correct it myself!. Thank you!"

Barbara Byrnes
Mesa, Arizona

"Jason is the best swing coach I have encountered. He can make understandable the complexities of the game. He gave me techniques and cues that are easily remembered. My distance, accuracy, and scores improved immediately."

Dave VanValkenberg
Sidney, New York

"MY experience with Jason Barrett goes back to 2012 when I joined Alta Mesa Golf Club where Jason was the teaching professional. Jason is one of the finest golf instructors I’ve known and there’s been an abundance of value for me in our relationship. Jason has sincerely cared about my success. He’s bent over backwards to help me and has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure my goals are met. He’s become a wonderful friend along with trusted instructor. I can’t wait for my next hour with Jason and I know I’ll come away from it filled with confidence. I unconditionally recommend Jason for every level of player! He’s the best!"

Tom Martinell
Mesa, Arizona